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Working hard to become Tulsa's downtown community gathering place! Whether you live, work, or are just visiting downtown we hope you'll come grab a beer and hang out with us! We love belgian style beers and want to share them with you!   If you've never had a belgian style beer, come in and get introduced.

Eerie Abbey's Beers

Belgian style beers have a unique flavor and taste coming from the yeast that is used in the fermenting process.  This lends a bready, almost bubblegummy taste to the delicious flavor in the lighter belgian beers.   In the darker belgian beers, you'll get notes of toffee and dark fruits (plum, raisin, etc.).

Eerie's Daughter House Series

When an Abbey starts a second location it is often called a daughter house.  Our spiritual daughter house takes up residence in the beer styles that aren't belgian.  Although Belgian style is our passion we love all beer and will continuously experiment with all of these amazing styles.

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Don't just read about us, come on in and let us pour you the perfect glass!
Eerie Abbey Ales
507 South Main Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103, United States
Monday-Wednesday 4pm-8pm
Thursday 3pm-9pm
Friday  3pm - 11pm
Saturday 1pm - 11pm
Sunday 1pm-8pm
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